Cedar Apocalypse Trunk

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This is the perfect apocalypse style trunk for emergency supplies, camping gear, keepsakes, old shoes, blankets, long term storage or anything else you might want to put in there. With custom engraving, it makes for the ideal accent piece for any home. See the FAQs for more details on use. 


  • A hinged top lid and a closure with a place for a padlock.
  • Engraving on top patch with up to 75 characters.*
  • Constructed with Cedar planks, steel hardware, & leather handles/accents. 


 * If you don't specify a custom engraving the chest comes default with the Wild & Free Supply logo on top. 

Outside Dimensions: 28” long x 13.5” wide x 11.5” tall.
Inside Dimensions: 24” long x 12” wide x 9” deep.
Weight: 18lbs.

Since these chests are large, shipping can add a significant amount to the costs and therefore we can’t accept returns on this item. Please read the below FAQ's to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting before ordering.



Q. Will this trunk hold all my stuff?
A. See the inside dimensions and measure your stuff to make sure it will fit.

Q. Is this trunk sturdy enough to stand on?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it sturdy enough to stand on if I weigh 200lbs?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it sturdy enough to stand on if I weigh 300lbs?
A. Maybe.

Q. Does this smell like Cedar?
A. Yes, and may we say that it’s a very pleasant smell.

Q. Is this trunk “finished” (i.e. sanded or stained?).
A. No, it is not sanded, and it is not stained. It’s made of rough-cut wood and if you’re not careful you could get splinters. It also has slightly crooked cuts, connections, and attachments. Nothing that would affect the functionality, but everything that adds to the look. This is a rough cut apocalypse style trunk, not a designer woodworking project.

Q. Is this trunk perfectly squared?
A. It’s made with rough cut wood, so it’s pretty close, but not perfect.

Q. Is this trunk stackable?
A. Yes.

Q. Are the leather handles functional or just decorative?
A. The leather handles are fully functional for carrying the trunk.

Q. Is this a security trunk? Can I store valuables in it?
A. It does have a lock that should keep friends and family out. But it is made of wood, and with any wood box if you pick it up really high and throw it on the ground it will probably break eventually. You could also break it open with an axe or sledge hammer. If you really want to secure your valuables we would suggest a large burglar-proof steel safe bolted to the floor.

Q. Why would I get this trunk instead of a plastic tub?
A. #1 Plastic tubs are ugly, and this trunk looks cool. #2 You can sit or stand on this trunk whereas plastic tubs would collapse and break #3 Plastic tubs leave your items smelling like plastic instead of Cedar. #4 This trunk has leather accents and you can custom engrave your own text in the top to make it unique. #5 This trunk helps support ministry leaders in Honduras.

Q. Does this trunk work as a bench when sitting by a campfire.
A. Yes.

Q. Does this trunk work as a stool for reaching a top shelf? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Can I store ammunition in this?
A. Yes. 

Q. Can I store guns in this? 
A. Maybe, see your local laws and ordinances. 

Q. Does this trunk work as a footlocker?
A. Yes, it was actually designed to be similar to a military footlocker.

Q. Can I use this trunk as firewood?
A. Yes, but then you wouldn't have a trunk. 

Q. Is this trunk waterproof?
A. No, it’s made of wood slats.

Q. What would I put in this trunk?

  • Emergency Gear.
  • Dry food when camping.
  • Cooking gear when camping.
  • Keepsakes and personal treasures at home.
  • Blankets and sweaters.
  • Shoes and boots.
  • Your 12-year-old son's homemade weapon collection.
  • Legos.
  • A pile of books.
  • Hunting supplies and ammunition. 
  • Kindling and fire-starting stuff for campfires.
  • Your daughter's American doll collection. 
  • All the miscellaneous tools lying around your garage.
  • Fabric & sewing supplies.
  • Dog food and Cat food.
  • Bags of rice & dried beans (they have a 30-year shelf life).
  • The manuscript for the book you started writing but never finished.
  • Your favorite childhood stuffed animals no-one is using right now.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • All your old photo albums.
  • Pirate gold. 


Q. Where would I keep this trunk? 

A. It really depends on how you decorate and what you're using it for. But it could be stored at the foot of your bed, next to your favorite armchair, by the back door with pet supplies in it, in the garage with tools, in the attic with Christmas decorations, in your pantry with emergency food, in your car trunk with emergency gear, in your shed with camping gear, by your front door with shoes, next to your couch with blankets, on your back porch with gardening supplies, buried in the backyard with pirate gold in it, or pretty much anywhere else it fits that is convenient for holding the stuff inside. 

Note: Due to engraving time, most custom trunks ship within 2-3 days, but can sometimes take as long as 7 days.