Women's Tote - Black

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Have plans for tonight?

Every day is a mystery. Plans change and transform and we're never quite sure where we'll be by the end. This excitement of life presents a unique challenge: how can I be ready to embrace next bend in the road?

Wherever you find yourself, this tote transforms with you. It's a tried and true design, a carbon copy of our original tote but in a deep, universal black. Sharp for the afternoon meeting, carefree and sophisticated for the night exploring the city.

The black leather we use is unique in the leather world. Rather than being painted and stamped with imitation texture, the entire hide is dyed and specially treated to lock in color. This bag will long outlast department store bags and become a companion for life.

We hope you have a wonderful evening.

Features you'll love:

  • Soft, top-grain, dyed and treated leather (it'll mold to your body and last for life)
  • Deceptively spacious main pocket
  • Convenient inside pocket for your quick-access essentials
  • Solid brass zipper and tough black rivets
  • Handy key clip so you're never digging for your keys  

Dimensions: 15” Wide X 12” deep X 5” Wide 

Since this product is real top-grain leather (the best kind) the color and surface may vary slightly from photos and have scrapes and imperfections that were part of the original hide. If you want a bag that's "department store perfect” this is not for you. Each of our bags is real leather and has individual character. That's what makes it special.