Distressed Wallets

Each of our distressed line of wallets is truly unique in grain and texture. Most wallet manufacturers use leather which has first been sanded down till it's smooth. Once it's smooth it gets run through a texture printer, which imprints the leather with pre-designed fake distress marks. This is why when purchasing from department stores and many other retailers you see the exact same distress marks in the exact same place on thousands of products. It's because the marks are fake, designed on a computer screen, turned into a steel roller and imprinted on the leather.

At Wild & Free Supply we use unsanded leather, and our line of distressed wallets are made with the harder to find pieces with natural distressing. This results in a truly individual grain and texture.  Each wallet is then hand stitched with waxed thread, a brass snap and then coated in a weatherproof wax seal.

They are made in Honduras by people we personally know and support. The wallets hold approximately five cards and five bills. Or eight or nine cards with no bills. They are 3.75" tall, 2.75” wide, and about .75” thick with cards inside. The leather is 3mm thick. (that’s about the same thickness as a standard belt).  We offer a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee, but no exchanges on our distressed line.