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Would you be interested in a wallet that is a blank slate ready to take on the intricacies of your life? Well, that's just what our naked wallet is! In the comparison photo shown in the gallery, the one on the left is one of our undyed natural colored wallets before it's been used. On the right is one of our wallets that's been all around the world, experienced a lot of life, and developed a natural patina. Coffee stains, scratches, dings, mud, oils from your hand and everything else go into customizing the blank undyed wallet to YOUR life. In the end, you have a wallet that tells YOUR story! 

Each wallet is handmade in Honduras by people we personally know and support. We pay all of our workers a fair livable wage, as well as personally investing in each one of their lives. That's a story you can be proud to tell everytime someone asks about your new wallet. 

The wallet holds approximately five cards and five bills, or eight or nine cards with no bills. The wallets are 3.75" tall, 2.75” wide, and about .75” thick with cards inside. The leather is 3mm thick (that’s about the same thickness as a standard belt). 

If you're not sure if all your stuff will fit in this thin little wallet, take a second to check out our Thin Your Wallet guide teaching you how to trim down the contents of your wallet and make your life just a little simpler. 

Because we use unsanded, unstamped natural leather, each wallet is unique in grain and texture and might vary slightly from photos. 

If you have a minute you can learn about Our Labor vs. Slave labor here, the difference between Good Leather vs. Bad Leather here, or check out some of our videos on how our products are made.


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