iPad Slip Case

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Fits any iPad or tablet up to 7.5" wide by 10" high. 

This slipcase will outlast your next 3 iPads. Made with our signature full-grain hide and stitched to perfection, this case guarantees you protection, convenience, sophistication and style. The pocket on the front is perfect for your phone, notes, apple pen, or any small things you might need. Fits the iPad, iPad Air, 9.7”, and 10.5” iPad Pro, and all early generation iPads.

Since this product is real full-grain leather (the best kind) the color and surface may vary slightly from photos and have scrapes and imperfections that were part of the original hide. If you want a product that has fake perfect texture this is not for you. Each of our items is real leather and has individual character. That's what makes it special.