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The field pouch is designed as a catch-all module add-on for the items you need quick access to. It can be quickly attached or detached from the back of the laptop messenger bag for keeping your passport, tickets, paperwork, wallet, USB power supply, phone, earbuds, travel adapters, eye mask and a pen.

It’s the perfect case to have handy while navigating through the airport and slides easily into the seat pocket on the airplane with everything you will need during the flight. While traveling, the messenger bag strap can be attached and made into a quick stand-alone carry pouch, or each of the leather bracelets can be attached as a handle or wrist wrap and turned into a grab-proof clutch.

Each field pouch is hand stitched with top grain leather and all brass hardware. Dimensions:

  • Thickness: 0.4” empty, 1”-2” filled
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Height: 5.5”

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