Wallet 2.0 First Class

Here at Wild & Free Supply our flagship product has always been our thin single pocket thin wallet. Designed to hold just a couple cards, a few bills and fit in your front pocket. Not only does it look good, but also creates an easy low profile solution for the minimalist approach to the perfect wallet.

Wallet 2.0 First Class is an upgraded version of the original with an additional small cash pocket on the front of the wallet. It’s perfect for grabbing cash tips to hand out on your first class adventures, as well as a place to stash away that little emergency cash that’s always good to have around. The wallet holds approximately 8-9 cards in the main pocket and 5-10 bills in the front pocket.

Each wallet is made with full-grain leather which means that it’s not only the top of the line leather available on the market but also that it will develop a natural patina over time making the wallet look better and better the more it’s used.  Hand stitched by people we personally know and support using full grain Honduran leather, waxed thread, with a brass snap coated in a weatherproof wax seal.