Original Wallet

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Imagine the nostalgic smell and authentic texture of full-grain leather every time you pull your wallet out of your pocket. Our stitched rustic wallet is made using only three ingredients: Full-grain leather, waxed thread, and a solid brass snap. We believe that "simple" not only looks better and lasts longer, but makes you feel more free as well

The wallet holds approximately five cards and five bills, or eight or nine cards with no bills. The wallets are 3.75" tall, 2.75” wide, and about .75” thick with cards inside. The leather is 3mm thick (that’s about the same thickness as a standard belt).

If you're not sure if all your stuff will fit in this thin little wallet, take a second to check out our Thin Your Wallet guide which will show you how to trim down the contents of your wallet and make your life just a little simpler. 

Since this product is real full-grain leather (the best kind) the color and surface may vary slightly from photos and have scrapes and imperfections that were part of the original hide. If you want a product that has fake perfect texture this is not for you. Each of our items is real leather and has individual character. That's what makes it special.

If you have a minute you can learn about the difference between Good Leather vs. Bad Leather here